This is the collection of my father, John Patrick Lewis.

John Lewis

He started collecting mini bottles in the 70’s when the airlines would hand them out as they do stale pretzels today. 

The collecting got fast and furious in the mid 80’s when John and his wife Jean retired to Alaska and quickly learned that it was no place to spend the winters.

And so... they began to travel the world, collecting bottles along the way! Their travels took them to every continent, which allowed for a variety of unique bottles.

The collection accumulated at a breakneck pace in the late 80’s and throughout the 90’s, as collecting bottles dominated their vacations. Even luggage would break under the weight of new acquisitions!

But the collecting stopped after the turn of the century, when manufacturers converted from glass to plastic. Plastic just seemed cheap!

It celebrates the BOOM in global vacation travel. 

Eventually, when John and Jean left Alaska for a retirement community in Pennsylvania, the bottles were boxed and stored in a cool basement.  Jean pressed John to do something with the massive collection and repeatedly threatened to make a large punch out of it.

Push came to shove in 2009 when they moved to smaller quarters and Patrick (me), one of their two sons, packed up the collection and took it to Florida where it has been stored in various closets and AWAY from Jean and her threats to make a punch!

Five years later, Patrick’s wife Cindi has also threatened to make a punch out of the collection. Fortunately, Patrick has some friends who can build a website and who have unpacked, photographed, and categorized the bottles. The results:

  • Dad can see his collection and share it with the world,
  • Patrick can sell it off piece by piece,
  • The wives are deprived of their punch... as well as the hangover it would have undoubtedly produced!

Having searched the web, we have not found many bottle collections out there. But we know ours is not the largest... we believe that title belongs to a lady from Colombia. See her here on you tube.

We have tried to do research on pricing, and the prices we are charging reflect the information that we have found on the web. If you are looking to buy and find different pricing than what we have posted, please pass it along and we will negotiate. 

Of course, we would LOVE to sell this as one big collection, and if you are interested in that proposition, we are too.

Enjoy the site!